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Sheet Metal Workers


Highly-Skilled Workforce

Our highly-skilled workforce receives world-class, ongoing training to provide you with the best craftsmen in their trade.

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Sheet Metal Workers


This website is to provide information about our organization, informing our members of upcoming events and keeping our membership up to date with what their union is doing for them.

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Built on Respect!

We pride ourself in maintaining the highest possible standards in the industry to ensure every phase of work completed meets all compliance and regulatory standards.

An Old Tradition Made New

They didn’t always have bar codes and an app. But union labels have been making a difference for sheet metal workers since 1888. They have always represented values of union pride and solidarity.

The labels first certified that products were made by quality craft men and women in union shops. They still do. But for decades they have also been a critical tool for protecting union workers and contractors, who embraced them as a shield against competitors seeking to undercut wages.

The value of labels has stood the test of Time for 129 years. Make a renewed commitment to ensure the modernized labels continue to work for you.

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